Parents Partnership Programme

We at Delhi Public School give tremendous importance to the holistic development of its pupils and thereby firmly believe that involvement of parents in children’s education is tantamount for achieving the aforementioned objective. In attempts to take this ideology forward, an initiation ceremony of Parents Partnership Programme – a forum for interaction between guardians & educators, was conducted on Saturday, 24 March 2018. The programme kicked off at 8:00 a.m. sharp with guardians trickling in even before the time. At the entrance, different class-wise kiosks were set up for registration of the parents who showed great enthusiasm in taking part in the proceedings.

Once the registration process was over, the parents were requested by the respective kiosk in-charge to proceed towards the Open air Theatre where the programme was scheduled to be held. The ceremony was conducted at the Amphitheatre, compered by Ms. Chetna Jha. It was initiated by the beautiful recitation of shloka and song by the choir group of Senior Wing students. This was followed by the scintillating classical dance performance of senior students. Next up, came the address of the Principal, Mr. B.Vinod, who expounded on the ethos & principles of our school. He talked about the school structure, achievements and different methodology practiced in our school to impart education. The Headmistress Mrs. Namrata Prasad talked about the challenging role of a parent and guided them to adapt few parenting tips to assist and guide their children. She talked about being firm in giving instructions to their children to avoid future aggression in their behavior. She focused on building relationship with their children as it will act as a foundation of his relationship with others. .

Later she stressed on the Teaching Methodology adopted by the school and also briefed them about the Art First Programme and the curated show. This was dovetailed with an Open Session in which parents posed their questions & interacted with the Heads. The function culminated with rendition of the Takshila Song, performed by the Teachers’ Choir group. Finally parents were briefed about the important points to be kept in mind when reporting on the first day to school. They were also informed to collect the PPP Kit before leaving the campus. The programme concluded with National Anthem. Later, the parents had lemonade at the stall before picking up the PPP kit from different classes.Before leaving the premises, all parents visited the different learning centres – Fantasy Area, Godo Gyan, Story Telling and Puppetry, Jimmy Jolly Park, Show and Tell, Circle Time and many more. On this occasion, the entire campus was beautifully decorated by the Art Department of the school. First Art Curated Show was exhibited on in the entire school campus. Kiosks on the upcoming Annual themes ‘Noise Pollution’, and previous session theme ‘Mahatma Gandhi’’ were setup. Various other kiosks or classrooms were arranged on the themes like Hanu the Safeguard Agent , Health and Hygiene, Learning Centres, Show & Tell, Robotics, Puppetry and Story Telling, Math Magic Jodo Gyan and Shopping Area, Cooking Activity, Bioscope, Jimmy Jolly Park, Reggio Emilia & Nature Tray Project Work, Help Desk. The entire kiosks were put up to give a better idea of the facilities provided by the school. The parents made a stopover at these kiosks to enquire about many things. The teacher in-charges provided details of their respective kiosk. In a nutshell it was a very informative session for the parents.


Added on: 24 Mar 2018

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