Jashn-e-Bachpan | Class Nursey - III

“Jashn-e-bachpan”, the Annual Function at Delhi Public School, Patna propelled into magnificent and reverberating celebrations at Junior Wing campus with great elation and gusto. A grand celebration which encompasses the completion of a successful academic year and which is eagerly awaited by the parents was staged by the classes Nursery and Class III on 12th and Class Prep, Class I and Class II on 22nd of December 2019. The parents were ushered in towards the Amphitheater. Students extended a warm welcome to all the parents and grandparents present on the delightful day of Annual gathering extravaganza – Jashn –e-Bachpan, 2019. The stage was all set to unfold a celebration of vision, hues of colours, joy and grandeur. The first day’s (12.12.19) program was staged by the Nurserians under the theme – ‘Ahimsa’.

The script focused on Bapu’s timeless philosophy of non-violence. The little Nurserians dressed in dazzling costumes stunned the stage by their magnificent and unrivaled performances depicting Gandhiji’s experiences in South Africa, Indian mythology, teachings of Lord Buddha and also delves on how Bapu’s ‘Teen Bandar’ gave simple edicts that can help them sail through life. Sarvadharam Sambhav’ was the theme of the second program of the day staged by the students of class III . The theme means respect for all religion and is the concept embodying the equality of the destination of the paths followed by all religions. Sarvadharam Sambhav is about the Gandhiji’s quest as he visualized the different faiths as different rivers that ultimately converged with one ocean. But, just as the waters of all the rivers are same , so is the basic substance of all the religions. This sublime philosophy has been proficiently reinstated through captivating mythological stories wherein a grandfather helps his grandson and his mates understand the true objective of celebrating festivals.The second day(22.12.19) of the spectacular cultural programme, Jashn-e-Bachpan started with welcoming the parents with beautiful handmade cards on the topic ‘Abhay’ by Class II. The function began with tender Gandhi and proceeded towards fearless Gandhi who had courage to change the world with the weapon of nonviolence. Few other meaningful stories were also included in the programme to support the topic which was presented beautifully. The presentation of the Gandhi’s biggest statue in finale would have a long lasting deep impact over audiences. The energy and melodious voice of choir group made the event really memorable. The young and enthusiastic stars of Class Prep showcased the next spectacular show of the day as a part of Jashn-E-Bachpan titled ‘Satya. The play was about the Gandhian philosophy of Satyagraha. The enthralling presentation not only included different forms of drama but also depicted  Indian culture through folk songs and dances. There were also glimpses of Kabir's poetry that left an over lasting impact on the young minds. Children of class I staged the final show of the day on the theme ‘Shram’, an initiative to reflect upon one of the great ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi.

The play put forth the essence of labour and hard work in our lives. This prominent thought was reinstated wonderfully by the little Dipsites through a series of short stories and enabled the audience to relate with the simple woven characters perfectly played by the young actors. All the programs were concluded by students extending their heartfelt gratitude towards their parents and grandparents for their benevolent presence. They further invited the school Principal Mr. B.Vinod to share some words of motivation and address the gathering. He requested the parents to keep up the ethics and values in children through positive parenting techniques - Live simply to have a simple life. He even introduced the choir group to the parents and acknowledged the diligent efforts of the music department. The program finally culminated with the National Anthem. Parents dispersed with gratitude and full of praises.


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