To spread awareness about different road signs and traffic rules, the activity “Safety Zone” was conducted for students of Nursery and Preparatory in the school premises. A special assembly was also organized for children on this occasion. The atmosphere was made apt and attractive through various displays of different modes of transport and distinctive street signs delineating significant security rules were also projected.

The assembly commenced with the recital of shloka “Shubham Karoti” and prayer song “God’s love” which was followed with a welcome speech by Ms. Pooja Sabarwal and Ms. Soni Singh, who were dressed up as policemen compeered this special assembly. Teachers elucidated information on traffic lights and talked about the significance of being attentive while using zebra crossing and also highlighted rules in regards to the same. This was followed by welcoming of the guest from the transport department Mr. Manvendra Pratap along with a driver and a conductor. They shared information on road signs and safety rules while walking or driving. A phenomenal performance of Nukkad Natak was put by the teachers of Nursery and Prep which was thoroughly enjoyed the children. The activity concluded with the motivational speech by Headmistress Ma’am who further elucidated the information on road safety and also stimulated children to check their parents and drivers to follow traffic rules. Indoor activities were also organized for all. Nursery teachers narrated a short story about “Dangers of being careless on road” and other activities conducted were “How to become road smart” and craft activity where children got the cutouts of horn and then they put a red cross on it and wrote “NO HONKING”.

Class Prep children were given a cutout of a mobile phone, which they pasted on a scrap file and put a red cross on it and wrote “SAY NO TO MOBILE PHONE WHILE DRIVING”. Children also visited the traffic park where amazing models of different mode of transports were displayed. These models gave children a realistic portrayal of different modes of transport and the traffic codes to be understood by one and all. A recapitulation of previous day’s learning was taken up at the end of the day during the short circle time and few videos related to road safety will be shown to children tomorrow during the indoor play time.



Added on: 30 Jan 2020

Published by: School Admin