On the 28th July 2018, the department of commerce conducted its first commerce seminar for class 11 TH and 12TH (commerce section) of DPS Patna on the topic ‘Advertising & Mutual Fund’. The objective of the seminar was to enhance the cognitive skills of the student’s discussion and debate in the field of commerce. We had amongst us two experienced and dynamic corporate people (experts for the seminar) Mr. Sumit Sinha (AVP & Branch Head- Bandhan Bank Patna)) and Mrs. Liza Sinha ( Manager – Vodafone Mobile Services Ltd.) .  Their topics for seminar were “Advertising” and “Mutual funds” respectively.

The seminar commenced with the presentation given by the students of class 12 D- Raghav, Anushk, Shivansh, Daksh and Anmol, on the topic - Mutual Funds. They discussed its types and myths. Next was the presentation on Startup which was presented by Ankit, Aastha and Abhinav. The topic was briefly discussed by pointing out the important highlights of the established companies such as Flipkart and Paytm. The big idea was to bring out the common startup mistakes and how to avoid them. The final presentation was given by Vasu, Vinayak and Varun. They shed the light on GST, its types and implementation. After student’s presentation the seminar were led by the expert Mr.  Summit Sinhala , the branch  head of Bandana Bank  ,  Dark bungalow  branch  spoke  about advertising and said “ means to  turn mind towards  ” .  He further talked about  advertising as a career option for the students. He discussed the various types of advertising and its importance in  our day – to- day life  .  He also talked  about different types and forms of  advertising  and example of   companies   which  use these types  of advertisements  . Mr. Summit  also answered  all  questions asked by students  like career  opportunities  in  the field of  advertising  and  many more .

Mrs. Liza  Sinha  on the  other hand who  is currently  working   with Vodafone  was the  next speaker  for   the seminar    .  She enlighten the students about Mutual Funds. She conducted an interactive session about investor trends, inflow outflow analysis and industrial insights,  growing   trend   of mutual funds in India in past few    years  and reasons and benefits of that .  She next talked about   investor  trends  which  deals    with  how  the  investors  invest  and  what  all things  decides  investment  in different   . She further   gave us   the sector updates of mutual funds and lastly she explained   about industry insights. After   her presentation children discussed    points like risk involved, benefits and more about mutual funds. The session came to an end with an open session where students got the opportunity to clear their concepts and doubts.

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