Music can make learning more fun and engaging which is a great tool for memorization. Music can help kids keep focus and remember things they learnt for a long time. Far from being a distraction it helps people remember better. Keeping this in mind Spic Macay conducted a lec-dem on Sufi music by the group “Charr Yaar”at Delhi Pubic School Patna on January 29, 2018.

The group “Chaar Yaar” came into existence about twelve years ago. As the name suggests, it comprises four musicians – namely, the elderly composer, vocalist and poet Sri Madan Gopal Singh; the ace guitarist and banjo player Sri. Deepak Castelino; the young and soulful sarod player Sri. Pritam Ghosal and an equally young and energetic multiple persussionist Ustd. Amjad Khan. Initially, the group traversed the path of Sufi texts dating back to the 12-13th century beginning with Baba Farid and Rumi and ending with Khwaja GhulamFarid of the late 19th c. Very soon, however, the group started looking at the cultural bridges across continents. This involved experimenting with songs and poetry spread across various cultures globally and across different timelines. It led to the incorporation of music and poetry as diverse as that of Brecht, Lorca, Tagore, Puran Singh, Hikmet, Hamzatov, Faiz, Nagarjun on the one hand and the making of musical bridges, to give but one example, between Rumi, John Lennon, Kabir and Bulle Shah in the same song.

The programme got underway at 9:00 a.m. with the students of class IX to XII sitting in the audience. They started with the song “Anand” where the students also joined the group in chorus. This was followed by ‘If you miss the train I'm on (American folk song),  Socho Zara (based on Imagine by John Lennon)’. It concluded at 10:30 a.m. with  ‘Damadam Mast Kalandar’. Students were mesmerised by their performance and thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session by the group. Towards the end, Principal Mr. B. Vinod appreciated the group for such a magnificent performance and also thanked Mr. Yashwant Parashar and Spic Macay for making it possible for teachers and students to listen to such a wonderful rendition.


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