The Junoon Arts At Play

The theatre is certainly a place for learning about the brevity of human glory. A broad education in the arts helps give children a better understanding of their world and also facilitates development of  those  skills needed in the world , once they grow up. It was with this objective in mind that DPS Patna organized a six day workshop “The Junoon Arts at play” from December 2-8, 2017, for young learners of class six . This fun filled six day workshop offered exciting joyride in to the world of art unfolding new challenges every day, fresh experiences every moment.

The themes chosen for the three respective groups –Green, Black and Purple were, “Ancient Patliputra”, “Women” and “The Magical Land” respectively. The day 1 started off with the Prep session for the Magic makers of Green group by Mrs Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, the main resource person. An exciting Ice Breaking session regaled the students who remained spellbound for almost three hours. Activities like Bippity Boppity Bop, Sword fight, walking with Music, making machines with body etc... enthralled one and all. They were briefed about the theme of the final day presentation being “Ancient Patna” for the Green space participants. Day two was the theatre trip day to Premchand Ranshala when all the students of class VI had the privilege to watch the wonderful play”Sur v/s Asur by Rangsheela  ,a musical journey that brought the power of music to life. The children were left spellbound and mesmerized for two and half hours, maintaining full silence, excepting occasional clapping to applaude and give out cry of joys when overwhelmed by the histrionics of the performers. On the third day,the students learnt about the Artists , about Art and how to make the magic possible.

Excepting The two main protagonists of the Play- Akash and Nidhi, all other artist were present to satiate the curiosity of the children and share their experiences. The fourth day saw creativity at its zenith as the students were asked to prepare three dimensional creatures of their imagination using newspapers, plastic bottles,colours, crayons, Coloured papers was a wonderful experience to make crazy creatures in a group as it left a deep imprint on their mind about the importance of  team work. A huge surprise awaited the students on the fifth day as they got a chance to meet   Mr. Anshumani Rudra , an author and Game designer who excels in writing  interactive Gaming books like Dorje’s Stripes, cricketmatics, Enemy of my Enemy etc.On the sixth day, all the team work of five  consecutive days, the zealous approach to learn from mentors and  team members alike, the frenzied efforts to outbeat other teams ,reached  its climax on Saturday the 8th Dec,17 .Students strived to give out their best  as per their roles, under the able  leadership  of their gracious guides, by giving flights to their imagination and  showcasing  their aesthetic abilities  through  artistic  expressions .  The Magic Makers weaved words in to poetry and stories .Their respective Creative Collaborators and Dynamic  Designers, the advertisers and the documenters,  all  put in their efforts together to whip up the excitement and transformed the school premises in to a fairyland  bearing the imprint of these budding artists. As clock struck 11AM, the mega event finally unfolded when students enthralled and regaled all and one present there by their presentation, be it poetry recitation,  magical shows or dramatic presentation of Court scenes.

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