On 23rd November, 2018 an educational trip to SEBI was organized for the students of Commerce and Science stream to create awareness regarding financial market and role of SEBI – Securities and Exchange Board of India, the regulator for the securities market in India established in 1988.

A total of 31 students enthusiastically attended the seminar conducted by the resource person Mr. Kumar Abhishek. His presentation started with a brief introduction about security market , its constitutes and people/organisations  involved in it ,which are , stock exchange ,brokers , depositories , depositories participants and registrar . Further while explaining the concept of money he said “Money doesn’t buy happiness; money buy choices. It is what you do with those choices that make us happy.” He also explained the concept of financial planning and goals which are the necessary life skills required in everybody’s life. Thereby he attracted the attention of the audience by delineating the importance of savings and how we should manage our expenditure and income. Rather focusing on ‘SAVING=INCOME – EXPENDITURE’ we need to focus on ‘EXPENDITURE=INCOME – SAVING’.

Furthermore, he talked about stock market, the role of brokers in it, shares, debentures, derivatives, demat account, mutual funds and how the Securities Exchange Board of India regulates the securities market. Various economic aspects related to budget and inflation was also discussed. The functions, organisational structure and the mandate of SEBI was also discussed in the seminar. He then moved on to establish the relationship between risk involved and returns gained while investing our money in any financial product. He validated that ‘higher risk, higher return’ isn’t true in reality and what it actually means is that the more we take risk, the higher is the probability of getting better returns. In this session, he also discussed real life incidents of stock market frauds and elucidated upon the various criminal deception like price rigging, Ponzi scheme etc.

As the session came to an end mentor teacher Dr. Nidhi Kumari proposed a vote of thanks and suggested to test the student’s knowledge at the end of coming sessions. All in all visiting SEBI was an enriching as well as an enjoyable learning experience and the students will be always grateful for this opportunity.

Added on: 23 Nov 2018

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