Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart. On May 16, 2018 the Students of class eleventh witnessed another musical concert hosted by Delhi Public School,Patna. Mr. Yashwant Parashar a music aficionado addressed the students in the beginning. The students were spell bound as Mr Parashar talked to them about the Indian music. He beautifully explained how literature and music are realated to each other. From Ramcharitra Manas to Kabir ke Dohe everthing was very magnificently described in a nutshell by Mr. Parashar.He also talked about folk music that is rustic in form. It is appealing and to understand the music one has to accept the feeling of music. He also asked the students to devote their one hour entirely  in this concert. He very clearly and precisely mentioned the aspects related to the Indian music and tried to motivate the students to understand the dynamics of music.

Followed by Mr. Parashar’s address appeared a group of singers attired in dhoti and colourful turbans.These folk singers belong to vibrant tradition of singing bhakti poet such as Kabir, Gorakhnath, Bananath and Meera in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. The troupe was led by Mr. Kaluram Bamaniya who  sings and plays the 5 stringed tambura. He captivated the audience by combining  singing and explaining of Kabir bhajan in folk style. He began the  song “Andheri Duniya Bhagat Bina Jiyu Kaise” which mesmerised the audience. The rendition  included many songs which created an aura and the spectators were found completely absorbed in the music. He combines a powerful singing style with a magnetic ability to communicate  with his audiences.

The concert was more than entertainting music.They were deep engagement with the spritual and social thoughts His troupe comprised of five vivacious men on different instrument. Mr. Devidas Bairagi on dholak, Mr.Ram Prasad Parmar on harmonium, Mr. Santosh Sarolia on Violin, Mr. Sajjan Singh Parmar on bongo Mr. Uttam Singh Bamaniya  on majira and last but not the least a sweet, little  girl Arpita on Manjira. Mr. Kaluram revealed that for him singing Kabir is not merely a profession but the way of life. He gets a lot of power. His impish wit adds colour to the direct simplicity and soulfulness of his songs. His concert stress the need to rise above petty divisiveness, sectarianism, empty ritualism, and hypocrisy, and the need to adopt love as the ultimate religion.This musical concert concluded with vote of thanks extended by Principal, Mr. B. Vinod. He thanked all the artistes for their precious time and mesmerising performance and making the students aware of our rich music and culture.




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