Career Guidance-Way to German Universities

On Tuesday, 4th December 2018, the students of class XI, Mathematics Stream, got an opportunity to attend a seminar on Robotics – Thinking in Systems- Mechatronics and then a career guidance regarding admissions to universities in German International College.

The resource person was Prof. Dr. Thorsten Brandt, who is currently working at Hochschule Rhein – Waal, University of Applied Sciences, Kleve-Germany as the faculty of Technology and Bionics and a full time professor of Mechatronics and System Dynamics. He was accompanied by Mr. Rakesh Kumar, the marketing hea , German International College, and also Mr. Kishore Vidyarthi, Ms. Sangeeta, Ms. Inderpreet Kaur from the Rhein Konsultant, Patna.

The seminar started with a presentation on the details of Thinking in Systems, Mechatronics where Dr. Brandt talked about the basic details of how we can add thinking to the Robots so that they are able to walk like humans and understand the environment like individuals. He discussed the physical layer that consists of mechanical basis, sensors, actuators and controller. Then he talked about the logical layer which contains energy and information. Then he went on to explain the different types of Robots which includes, wheeled mobile roots, legged robots, underwater robots, aerial robots, humanoid robots and stationary robots. The advantages of legged robots were discussed next. He detailed on the four legged robot that was developed in his university by is team. A video of the working robot was also show to the students.

After the presentation they talked about how the students can start studying at Germany, what are the different engineering study programs to choose format the GIC, and finally the scholarships that were offered for the financial support of students from abroad.

The session was an interactive and informative one. Students put up their queries and were answered satisfactorily.


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