Make yourself so happy so that when others look at you they become happy too. Happy teachers  create happy classrooms!

Initiated under Capacity Building Programme, CBSE, Headquarters/Centre of Excellence, Patna, an engrossing workshop on Happy Classrooms was organised for the in-service teachers in Seminar Room at DPS Patna on Saturday, 22nd February 2020 with the objective to enable teachers to develop the attitude of spreading happiness among the students in order to make learning successful.School Principal, Mr B Vinod and Headmistress, Mrs Namrata Prasad welcomed the resource persons, Dr Mrinmoy Kanti Das, Principal, DAV Kankerbagh and Dr A K Rai, Vice Principal, May Flower School, Patna and Mr Ranjeet, In-Charge from Centre Of Excellence, CBSE Patna Office.

After bouquet and plant presentations and the ceremonial lamp lighting, the informative and interactive workshop of seven hours began with a few activities on self awareness, self motivation, relationship management and social awareness followed by a few exercises in the handout. The teachers learned about functional behavioral analysis and emotional intelligence to build a positive teacher-student relationship to keep the class room happy. With the help of audios and videos of renowned counsellors, stress was laid on the values like gratitude, empathy, acceptance, how to love and be loved and positive reaction to take greater challenges to spread happiness.

Post lunch, a few more exercises were conducted to assess time management and evolve ways of fostering happiness in classrooms.  The resource persons emphasised on the fact that there can be a plethora of group activities like, role plays, storytelling sessions, poem recitation, music, dance, etc., that can be implied by teachers. Giving examples from their life experience, they reiterated that more than academic excellence , acquiring happiness in life is the primary requirement. The teachers too, shared their definition of happiness as well as their methodology of making classrooms happy. Altogether, the session remained based more on interaction than on theoretical concept. At the end, a certificate of participation from CBSE was presented to each of the  sixty participating teachers .Our School Principal expressed his gratitude to the resource persons and the In-charge from CBSE Patna Office. He opined that these kinds of motivational workshops would definitely enable the teachers to ensure joyful and innovative process of curriculum in the classrooms.Head- Student and Teacher Life, Mrs. Chetna Jha, coordinated in the smooth conduct of the entire workshop.

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