Hands that C-A-R-E

Teaching young children about community helpers is a popular element for a good reason. Sharing and caring has always been an integral part of human civilization. From time immemorial people realized the importance of living cooperatively in a group and thereby exchanged their services. Keeping this in view, a special assembly was organized for the Students of Nursery, Prep and class I, on the theme—‘Hands that Care’, which undoubtedly brought learning full of fun and excitement for them.

The ambience was decorated with pictures of community helpers and their tools. Posters of people who help us like gardener, vegetable vendor, fire fighters, miller, miner, gardener, carpenter, black smith were placed all around the infirmary plaza and corridors.  A special assembly was conducted by the students of class nursery, prep and I, which was very well coordinated. An impressive presentation was put up by the students and teachers of Nursery, who presented rhymes. Class Prep displayed a marvelous show where the children and teachers were dressed up as community helpers, who cater to fulfill our daily needs. Teachers came in as green grocer, lawyer, potter and milkman. The students spoke about the importance of their profession and were dressed up as doctor, nurse, vegetable vendor, scientist, army man, air hostess, dancer, teacher, news reporter and a camera person was always around with his comportment.  

A spectacular effort was put up by the students and teachers of class I, who enacted a play named ‘The Little Grey Pony’, which was on community helpers who help the pony in fixing his lost shoe. Later, the children also recited poems. The assembly concluded with the Parivartan song,’ Hal chalate Kheton ko…’ and a favourite number, ‘Wheels of the bus go round and round….” sung with vigor and harmony by the students and teachers. An amalgamation of fascinating fun filled exercises engaged the children with indoor activities like circle time, live experiences, craft fun, colouring and drama. Students of class nursery did an activity on “The Baker”, where they pasted cut outs of various shapes of coloured and white drawing sheets, to make a baker. Children of class prep showed their enthusiasm in making a wall hanging by using paper plate and cut outs of hands.

They wrote “My community” in the center. Class I students eagerly awaited for the indoor activity and enjoyed some interesting craft work in  making a nurse and a fireman with paper cut outs and also created, ‘My own Bakery Shop’, using play doh to make cakes, buns, breads, rolls and donuts.  The follow up activities were also conducted during the last period. All the children of classes Nursery, Prep and I, watched various videos on Community Helpers and reduce- reuse- recycle. We had a special guest, Mrs. Rana Harjod, a surgeon by profession and the mother of Tejas Modi of class IF, who witnessed the program and was all praises about it. She spoke on the importance of hand wash, healthy eating habits and importance of getting up early in the morning. The program was lastly addressed by Headmistress Ma’am, who praised the efforts of the teachers and further elucidated on the topic “Hands That Care”. A Thank you card and a potted plant was presented to the guest as an acknowledgement.

Added on: 20 Sep 2018

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