On the balmy winter morning of 5th December 2019, the two-day long Annual Athletic Meet 2019 began at the school playground with a melodious rendition of Ganesh Vandana. It followed a fascinating drill presented by the tiny tots of the junior wing. The spectators cheered and clapped to see their amazing energy and enthusiasm. After this, the School Sports Secretary administered the oath to all the participants. A camera drone for aerial photography was flown by the ATL club students. It was to capture the various events on both the days. In her address, the Headmistress Mrs. Namrata Prasad encouraged the participants to compete with positive spirit. “Winning or losing is secondary”, she said. Announcing the commencement of the event, the Principal, Mr. B. Vinod highlighted the importance of physical fitness for the students. He further said that our objective should be the desire to achieve, and not to beat others. He appealed to every participant never to give up and to run till the last lap.   

After this, the school flag was raised and the achievers, who have brought laurels to our school in various sports events, were invited for the traditional torch relay. The burning flame that mark the continuity of unending hope and aspiration was handed over by Sanvi & Sanidhya to Pakhi & Abhisar. The torch was then passed on to Sudiksha & Ankur and in the final leg to Chhavi & Aditya. Next came the energetic dance performance by the students of class 6 & 7. It was followed by a mass-drill presented by the students of class 4 & 5. Though tender in age, their energy and enthusiasm was unparalleled. With colourful strips around their wrists and holding blue, pink and orange frames in their hands, the children danced to the tune of “Gangnam Style”. The thunderous applause from the spectators was the proof enough of its success. Continuing the extravaganza, the students of class 6-8 were the next to present a mesmerizing Sunflower drill. Through bright yellow sunflowers, they very creatively depicted the Sun, the ultimate source of life.

The second morning of the Athletic Meet began with cheerful smiles on the children’s faces as they heard the announcement of teachers’ race. Encouraging the teachers to participate, the Principal Mr. B. Vinod said, “We grow old only because we stop playing.” The excitement and energy was clearly visible as the teachers ran in the relay race. Out of the total 26 events for the senior category, one of the most exciting ones was the 800m race for boys as everyone on the ground could be seen craning their necks to follow the flying Milkha Singhs. There was a moment of silence when they waited with bated breath for the runners to reach the finishing line. The entire ground burst into a roar of applause as Satwik Satat (class-XII) emerged the winner.What really stole the show was a spectacular Marathi lezim drill-cum-dance performance. It was presented by the girls dressed up in Indian tricolor. Adorning saffron turbans, they danced mesmerizingly to the beats of traditional drums. It ended with beautiful pattern formations. Appreciating Ms. Tulsi & Ms. Smita for so meticulously training such a large group of children, the Principal said, “I was simply spellbound. I have never seen such a marvelous presentation before.”

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