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Delhi Public Schools under the aegis of Takshila Educational Society, believes in a system that upholds a commitment for learning at all levels,- from grass-roots till the topmost bough. A culture for learning makes the employees focused on performance, whether running a bus or keeping the house. One finds oneself to be more proactive and self-esteemed after being empowered, enriched and enlightened through a training-programme.The staff of Transportation and House-keeping was given such an opportunity during Summer Training which took a worthwhile journey beginning on Monday, 14 May and coming to a close on Saturday, 19 May.

This was a schedule kicking off at 07.15 hrs till 09.45 hrs- restarting at 10.00 hrs; the first half dealt with Sports Day Practice and Hindi/English Learning. This was followed by life skills segment, comprising of topics spread over days, such as Cleanliness & Hygiene, Diet & Health, Computer Basics, Foliage & Useful Plants, as well as financial awareness topics like ESIC/PF-online systems. Post-break training was specialized, viz., on Cookery, on Art & Craft, on using Fire—extinguishers and on Mechanized training & Driver’s training. This Summer Training took a remarkable turn by holding Staff Sports Day on Friday, 18 May,- which was harnessed with practices and drills held daily. The concepts of March-past and events with a variety of athletics, especially races, added colour in holding the Sports Day. Yoga/Walk was also taken up, once the Sports were over.

The sessions on Hindi Language were well-planned comprising of Shabadh Gyan, followed by Parichay, Bhasha Prayog, Shudh Prayog (inclusive of Ling and Vachan) and  Muhawaro Ka Prayog. The teachers of Dept. of Hindi could put a motivating learning climate in transacting the teaching; this attempt was equally matched by the expert teachings by the teachers of Dept. of English. English teaching items comprised of vocabulary segment like 15-20 words, making sentences with both present progressive and past progressive tenses. English adjectives were also introduced which described people around. Cleanliness & Hygiene  concepts opened  the training of life-skills  segment , with a caution to the adverse effects for not maintaining basics of Health  & Hygiene. Sources of germs, and how to eradicate germs and diseases- which are generated because of germs, were taken up for a discussion.  A variety of ways for waste management were taken up – with a reference to Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, a Govt. of India initiative. Also, Green India Award to our School was also discussed. Diet & Health concepts drew attention of the staff , which was centered on food, digestion and diseases. Gaps between principal meals and required components of food were also taken up for a threadbare analysis. Computer Basics sessions included interactions in both input and output devices in the system, - including both hardware and software materials. ICT teachers made it a point to speak on types of computer memory and social-networking sites. Science teachers made the staff aware on different types of leaves and why the world of leaves is the virtual kitchen for plant-kingdom. Plant-kingdom, being broadly spread between ornamental and medicinal varieties, were interacted on and found an object of great interest. The concept of vermicomposting, which introduces students for sustainable productivity of the Earth, was also discussed. Cookery was found quite interesting as the concerned teachers discussed on serving etiquettes and on laying a table for a breakfast, a lunch, a high-tea and a dinner. Fire-management, being a necessity in kitchen-operation as well as being a potential element for a calamity, was discussed and demonstrated by using a fire-extinguisher,- per courtesy Minimax, an extinguisher-manufacturer, - which was found greatly useful for all attending. Apart from this TASKI and Tata Motors training were also held during this period. The aesthetic aspect of a human life was brought up through art and craft activities including origami, poster-making, painting (which introduced the learners to a variety of brushes) and using thumb-prints for making a scenery. Drivers of transport section were given a brief on latest skills on driving by personnel of Tata Motors; the House-keepers were given a demonstration on floor cleansing using a new floor-cleansing chemical product. The best part of the summer-training was Annual Sports on Friday, 18 May :  beginning with a fabulous marchpast comprising  entire team of Dipsites of Housekeeping and Transport, followed by an exciting tug-of-war between Didis’ teams. Races on both men’s and women’s segments was simply breathtaking. But the day was crowned with a football-match of the year between Bhaiyaas’ teams – where Housekeepers won a thrilling 2-0 over Transport keepers. Long live our Staff Sports Day! Meet again in 2019!


Added on: 14 May 2018

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