On Saturday January 20, 2018, DPS Patna JW hosted two workshops each of one and half hour duration on the topic ‘Enhancing Reading and Writing skills’ for the parents of Class II children and on the topic ‘Education:  A Holistic Development’ for parents of Class V children. Despite the harsh weather conditions, the parents braved the weather and attended the workshop in reasonable numbers. Headmistress Madam Namrata Prasad opened the sessions by welcoming the parents and introducing the resource persons to the gathering.

In the first session of the workshop, the parents were made aware of the importance developing reading and writing skills at an early stage. The resource person was Ms. Pallavi, lecturer Patna Women’s College. She is a graduate from Lady Shree Ram College, a postgraduate of Hindu College and MBA from Patna University. She introduced the topic by saying that each child is unique and reading –writing was integrative process for a child. To augment the topic she showed a power point presentation and explained each point elaborately. After explaining the importance she embarked upon the ways parents can help their children become better readers and writers. Thereafter to emphasize the significance of writing skills Ms. Pallavi showed a video on VCOP- Vocabulary Connective Openers Punctuation.

In the second session of the workshop parents got an opportunity to  gain an insight into the latest pedagogical practices and trends in the field of education . The resource person Dr. Shahina Khan, Director of S.T. Group of Institutions is an avid reader, orator and a socialite who has an experience of twenty years in the field of educational psychology. She mesmerized the audience with her soulful and guiding principles of education for the holistic development of children. She elucidated the term ‘holistic’ implying a sense of complete system rather than individual parts. She briefed about the purpose of holistic education and specified that home plays a vital role in child’s early development as it is child’s first school. She also specified that with holistic education we tend to understand to transform our personalities- physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Both the workshops concluded successfully with an open session where the parents were free to express their views and resolve their doubts.  Headmistress, Madam Namrata Prasad thanked the resource persons for enriching and the parents with such useful information. She also thanked the parents for supporting the school management by interacting and being a part of the session.

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