Time spent playing with children is never wasted – Dawn Lantero

Childhood means fun unlimited, bounteous showers of love and care, realm of imagination, joy of growing up. 16 November 2018 proved to be joyful day when all the cherubic faces alighted the bus with great enthusiasm to celebrate the gala event Bal Sangam. The corner of each class was decorated very tastefully by the teachers and students. Class I used newspapers to decorate their plaza which was a good example of best out of waste and also conveyed the message of save paper.

All the classes were assigned different group along with the colours. The children wore red, yellow, and blue T-Shirts over their school uniform which made the atmosphere colourful. Nursery and Prep children were the Red Group. I Love Shapes, Big fish, Small fish and Tissue Dance were the indoor activities which were liked by them. Children managed to maintain their balance in the tissue dance when they folded the tissue and danced on it. Children enjoyed getting their hands tattooed by their teachers in the Tatoo Parlour activity. After that they came out for the outdoor activities where Snowman Toss, Traffic Lights, Follow line Pattern caught hold their attention. Inflated Bouncy slide was another great attraction coming up for these tiny tots. This took them to the world of imagination. They jumped to their contentment and were reluctant to come out of the bouncy house. Class I and II were the yellow group and they began the day with My Craft Peacock indoor activity where they were provided with a big peacock cut out and they had to stick feathers with paper origami and stick wiggly eyes.

Toss a Ring, Shape Maze, Steal the Ball were taken up outdoor and the children kept loving one activity after the another. Mines field was the game where the blind fold partner had to escape the mines and traverse safely on the instructions of the other partner. Understanding of the partners was highly appreciated. Catch the Dragon’s Tail, Ring the Hat, Freeze Dance and Magic Show were organized for the children of Blue group. Mr. P.K Singh mesmerized the students with his magic tricks and they sat still till the end of the show. Children danced like crazy and froze like ice when the music stopped in the Freeze dance. The only child left in the end was announced the winner. It was one best way to brush up their listening skills. Ringing the hat was thoroughly enjoyed by the students of IV and V. Children screamed, yelled, giggled, laughed and enjoyed the fun filled day. Follow Up Activities for all the groups were planned where they drew, coloured and wrote few lines describing their experience on Bal Sangam. Bal Sangam has now become an awaited event for these children. They shook their bodies on the peppy numbers and boarded their bus with fond memories to cherish forever.

Added on: 16 Nov 2018

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