100 Days - Nursery

From first day of school, till the 100th day, it’s a journey that teacher and children walk together .12th July, 2019, marks this momentous day that calls for grandeur and celebrations.This major co-curricular activity exclusively planned for nurserians was conducted with a theme –Magic. The teachers were all dressed up to give tangible exposure to the children. The ambience was indeed enigmatic which was aptly created with the display of cut-outs of stars, hats, eye masks, cards etc. The Art department played a crucial role in coordinating and supplementing the necessary aids. The students were ushered to their classrooms by their respective classes merrily. Mrs. Gita Trivedi, grandmother of Aakarsh Anand Nursery-C, graced the special assembly along with the Principal, Headmistress and the Head–Teacher and Student’s life. Children from each section shared their experience and recited the poem. Another group of children performed a peppy dance on the song called “IT’S MAGIC”. Mr. Dharmesh came dressed up as a magician and played many tricks which were indeed an eye capturing moment for the children as well as the teachers.

The special appearance was made by Ms. Surbi, a helper who played the role of 100 year old woman. She spoke to the children and also shared with them the secret of her good health even as a 100 year old lady. Special dance put up by nursery teachers along with the dance department was indeed mind-blowing. The assembly concluded with a cake cutting ceremony. Children brought special lunch and cup cakes to celebrate the day.

100 days celebration and activities started from the very first day of the session which went on the 100thday. One of these activities where circle time activity in which every day children pasted a cut out on a square chart bearing the number 1 to 100.The other one was called portfolio work activity wherein creative work like writing, drawing, cutting, pasting, collage making etc. done by the children were compiled in a booklet. Besides these, numerous other activities were also designed day wise which were executed a week before the main event.

100 days potato patterns and dancing for 100 seconds were the activities planned for the final day. Children with the help of teacher/helper dipped the cut potato into colour and made the impression of 100.Later they watched the videos in the AV room. Children were happy and excited to receive the certificate from their class teacher. Headmistress thanked the guest and presented her a potted Tulsi plant. She also congratulated the teachers and the students for the great show.

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