Caring Hands

On Thursday, 19th September ’2019 the Sickbay plaza was beautifully decorated with pictures and write-ups on community helpers. The assembly started by singing a shlok… Shubham Karoti Kalyani and prayer song Praise him…A brief introduction of the major co-curricular activity “Caring Hands” was given by the students of class I which was carried forward by students of Preparatory who spoke about the person they were dressed up as and what were their duties and responsibilities towards the society? They also showed various tools used by them. Students of class I performed a small skit elaborating on the importance of community helpers and the roles discharged by them.

Ms. Rashmi an artist by profession a parent from class I B initiated with words of appreciation for the little performers of the day and the zeal with which the programme was being conducted. Dr. Sanjeev, a dentist father from class I I further elaborated on the importance of brushing regularly to keep up the dental hygiene. He demonstrated the correct process of brushing and steps associated. Finally Dr. Krishna a paediatrician mother from class I F elucidated on ways and means to be healthy, especially during rainy season. She gave vital tips to students in order to guide them to remain fit. The programme concluded with the appreciation by the Headmistress whose encouraging words made the students and teachers even more confident. After the assembly concluded children were taken for a round to the stalls and corners put up by teachers .Thereafter, students moved back to their respective classes where many more interesting indoor activities were lined up for the rest of the day.

The follow up activity was taken up on the following day during which teachers recapitulated about the importance of community helpers once again. Few colouring sheet activities were taken up in the classrooms. Class Prep students wrote about their father’s/mother’s occupation in the creative writing sheet under the heading “My father/mother is a …”. They also saw a video on community helpers. Students of class I wrote about their favourite community helper on the creative writing sheets and children also watched a video on “reduce-reuse-recycle”.

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