Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence. To achieve excellence in all fields, we at DPS, Patna are committed to create a conducive atmosphere for the overall growth of our students. Each year we conduct our annual sports meet as ‘Get-Set-Go’ and this year too, it was held on 21st of February, 2020 with full zest and enthusiasm. The event began with the excited children of Classes Nursery to III assembling in the assembly plaza. At the outset, our Headmistress Ma’am welcomed the esteemed guests of the day, the grandparents in her welcome speech . Then the school flag was hoisted and the Sports Meet for the current academic session was formally declared open. This was followed by the introduction of the mascots, Miraitowa and Someity , who are also the mascots of 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games in Tokyo, Japan . After that, the torch run was initiated by the mascots.  Next, birds were released to signify the importance of freedom and the wish to soar to great heights. An oath was then administered to the august gathering in which Principal Sir emphasized and exhorted one and all to uphold and sustain the true sportsmanship spirit with utmost reverence and diligence. It was indeed a moment of pride to witness the gathering of grandparents as distinguished guests  spectators for the mini sports event. The entire event was emphatically anchored by Ms. Kirti Lakshmi Kuer and Ms. Josy Joseph .This was followed by the initiation of the colourful campaign walk , led by students of Nursery to Class III, which was indeed delightful and impressive. In order to promote the significance of Saving Water, Preserving the Biodiversity and Forests , reducing Noise Pollution and the importance of Gandhi and Khadi , students walked with enthusiasm with placards and banners depicting the same. Consequently, the students of Class III presented a beautiful and energetic cultural dance. The dance was followed by the Mass Drill of all the classes of Nursery to Class III. The Nurserians performed their drill with yellow hearts and the coordination was in perfect synchronization. The Prep children performed the Suryanamaskar which comprises 12 asanas which have a positive impact on the body and mind. This was followed by Class I students displaying their colourful fans in unison. Class II students used dumbbells in an unique drill to tribal music and depicting the life of tribals. Class III had beautiful flowers as props for their drill and they too showcased great skill in movement and coordination.

Interspersed between the mass drills were the Aerobic dance , Pyramid formation , Rhythmic Yoga and the Cheering dance. Each performance was outstanding and kept the audience enthralled . In succession to the drill, the finalists geared up for a plethora of Track and Field events comprising Dress up race, Flat race , Beads in the string , Obstacle race and Relay race for various categories. As a matter of fact, it was a moment of pride and honour to the winners to stand on the Victory Stand to receive their medals and certificates. Thereafter, our Principal addressed the Sports Meet by congratulating the winners and the participants for their enthusiastic participation and reiterated the need to uphold the values of sportsmanship spirit throughout their life. It was then followed by the Vote of thanks proposed by Mr. Amit Kumar, coordinator HPE department session 2029-20. Thus, the event paved a new way to the budding Dipsites to acknowledge their innate caliber and potential to rise against all odds of life heroically.

Added on: 21 Feb 2020

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