A day marking childhood, we at Delhi Public School commemorated the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as ‘Bal Sangam. ’On 14th November 2017, the day began amidst a cheerful welcome by the teachers. The stage was set with the students entering the campus in their colorful attires. The celebrations began with the customary assembly, made special by the dance and a melodious rendition by teachers. Headmistress, Ms. Namrata Prasad addressed the students by telling them about the significance of this day and briefed them about their role in nation building. Character building and integrity were greatly stressed upon.

RED GROUP (CLASSES NUR & PREP) - The tiny tots of Nursery and Preparatory were all decked up in red attires and ready to begin.

The students of Nursery used their Jodo Gyan Kit to decorate into figures of their choice. While the students of Prep made socks puppets and played the game of Thumbs Up. After a sumptuous lunch, they had the most awaited part of the day, the fun rides and the outside stalls. With activities like Ring the Ball, Bell Enclosure Area, Tap your feet, Two to Tango and their all-time favourite ‘The Jimmy Jolly Park’, they were simply spoilt for choices. All over the campus only peals of laughter could be heard.

BLUE GROUP (CLASSES I & II) - The students of classes I and II were the blue bells in the campus, giving us all a sense of optimism and fun in their blue costumes. This group had extremely creative classroom activities like the Blind Man’s bluff, Wipe the smile off your face and then Badge making which gave their dresses an additional touch of frolic. The outside stalls were no less exciting, with the Cone Catching, Put the Bindi and the awesome Freeze Dance adding a dash of entertainment to the already charged up environment.

GREEN GROUP (CLASSES III, IV & V) - The students of classes III, IV and V painted the school green with their color code. Their classrooms echoed with the Antakshari songs, the Rangomtetry design fondling and the picture descriptions. They could not contain themselves to explore the array of stalls arranged at the Amphitheatre for them, ranging from the Walk the Wheel, Side walk chalk game, Toss the ring, Rolling Pins, Little Matrix and the ultimate thrill – the Musical Chair. The students won prizes at the stalls too which doubled their enthusiasm. One could see the children waiting for their turns at the stalls watching in rapt attention. The fun rides highlighted their spirits a lot more. This was the major attraction for one and all to see the antique modes of transport rolling their wheels around the campus amidst these jet age children. Each student patiently awaited their turn alligned neatly in queues to enjoy a ride. The elders too exhibited unparalled zeal and enthusiasm while synchronizing the rides. How could the day end without a dash of horror and humor! The students enjoyed amazing storytelling sessions by Ms. Priyanka (from Kolkata) who took them away to a dreamland. The children were enthralled by a visit to the ‘Cauldron of Stories’ where they encountered scary masks and humorous ghosts hanging from the walls.

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