Parental Workshop

Two parental workshops were conducted one after the other on the topics, ‘Integrated Approach to Teaching’ and ‘Assessment and Evaluation system in Class IV’ by DPS, Patna in order to make the parents aware of the teaching learning processes followed in the school.

The programme started with an engaging speech of our headmistress ma’am, Ms. Namrata Prasad who talked about the importance of the concerned topic in today’s scenario. It was followed by an introduction provided by Ms. Romi Bhattacharya. The workshop was taken further by demonstration of Hands on Activities by Ms. Shweta Dalvi and Ms. Shobha Khilani. MS. Nidhi Sharma took over the next segment and explained in a crisp manner the teaching of English and Hindi grammar in integrated manner taken up in classrooms. A detailed explanation on the integrated approach was given by Ms. Shafaa Aqeel followed by Ms Trina Banerjee who explained about the Art First Programme taken up by the school and the classes children will be attending for the next session. Technology is the current currency of progress. This statement was further explained by Ms. Rajni kapoor, who with the help of presentation briefed the audience with the Concept of STEAM along with the time table of class 1. The first workshop was winded up by our Headmistress ma’am, who thanked the audience for their presence and being active listeners.

The second workshop started with an introduction by Mrs Vandana Sinha laying out the ground for the intercation with the Parents. The Headmistress, Mrs Namrata Prasad highlighted the objectives of the workshop orienting the parents about the aim as well as course of discussion during the workshop. Thereafter Mrs Shweta Shukla oriented the gathering about assessment in Class III and revision series. The Parents were given an insightful look into the prevalent assessment system and how there will be a change in Class IV.The workshop was further progressed by Mrs Smita Dash who highlighted the aspect of examination stress and ways to deal with it. She made the parents aware of their role in helping the child overcome stress during exams as well as how the parents can provide a stress free environment for growth of the their wards. Mrs Rajni Kapoor and Mrs Seema Sanjay presented the CBSE  Amendments and Evaluation system in Co-Scholastic and Scholastic fields respectively. It was followed by an Open Scession to address the querries of the parents. Discussions on requirement of ALP classes, CDLO, method of computer exam, Software of ICT, selection of SUPW clubs by children and Green Olympiad were held during the Open Session.


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