On the 5th of September, 2018, the school revelled in the joy of the occasion that is Teacher’s Day. The students and teachers alike participated in a plethora of activities and events meticulously planned by the Student’s Council.

On the day before, the Council Members invited the teachers to the cultural fiesta   with decorative invitations. The classes had charts with the class teacher’s name in beautiful font stuck on the main door. On the day of the event, members of the council and instrumentalists reported early for decorating the school and sound check respectively. The school was decorated with a large poster propped up in front of the amphitheatre from the second floor, with a heartfelt message for the teachers. The staffrooms, labs, RC, art studio and music rooms were decorated with charts and posters. On the staff room tables of teachers, a personalised memento was placed wishing them a happy teacher’s day. As the buses started pouring in, it was time for the welcoming of the teachers. The Council Heads accompanied by the Cultural and Sports Secretaries welcomed the teachers with ceremonial vermillion on forehead, a bookmark made by the students and by showering flowers on them. The students and teachers reported to their classes, where black boards had been beautified by the students with meaningful messages for the teachers.

Thereafter a special assembly was organized by student Councils. The Shloka chanting of “Guru Brahma” followed immediately, with a joint prayer dance, in which the choir sang. This was followed by speech on the importance of teachers in our lives. The next sub-event was the performance by the choir, which performed a melodious medley of songs which made the teachers nostalgic and the students clap along to the beats. This was followed by a play. The phenomenal performances by the actors along with hilarious and crisp dialogues entertained and made the entire audience laugh. Next on the itinerary were the dances. This was followed by presentation of the thank you card to the Principal  & Headmistress by the Head boy and the Head girl, and Principal’s speech. The teachers had their lunch and also were handed their assorted gift bag. In the last two periods, games were organised for the students and the teachers. The male teachers participated in a football and volleyball match with the students, witnessed by all the boys from class VI-XII. Some lady teachers took part in a basketball match with the students, witnessed by girl students of classes 6 and 7. The rest of the lady teachers and students were involved in the activities organised in the Assembly Plaza, such as the Tug of War, Pictionary and Antakshari. The dispersal took place directly from the ground and plaza thus pulling down the curtains on a celebration which was a token of thanks to the dedicated teaching fraternity.

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