Socially Useful Productive Work is an integral part of the school curriculum. The objective behind it is to help students to give expression to their co-curricular interests and aptitudes. 12th February 2020 was the most awaited and exciting day for the children of classes IV and V in the junior wing. They were eager and enthusiastic to exhibit their talent and skills which they had acquired throughout the year in their SUPW clubs. As per the planning, time slot was for an hour each for the different category to showcase their flair.

The event flagged off by the inauguration ceremony graced by The Principal, the Headmistress and Head Teacher and Student Life. The students of the sports club with full zest and zeal participated in the matches set by their coaches.  Different kiosks were set up by different clubs where children unveiled their latent talent and also displayed what they had learnt throughout the session in the SUPW clubs. The kiosks were overflowing with informative write-ups, self-made handicrafts, different items related to the clubs, models, posters and many more. The children interacted with all teachers who visited these stalls and their efforts were appreciated whole heartedly.

Students of English and Hindi Literary clubs compered for all the outdoor presentations. An expressive rendition by the choir club students created a soothing effect in the environment. The Tabla club students accelerated the heartbeats of each one witnessing the programme along with their drum beats. The dance presentations by Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Folkdance club students forced the audience to tap their feet on the tune and clap in accord. Last but not the least children on wheels, the Skaters club students won everyone’s heart by their breath-taking tricks and techniques. These children exhibited the complexities of roller skates and were the centre of attraction for the audience.

 The Principal, Headmistress and the Head Teacher and Student Life visited and valued each and every kiosk and appreciated the entire group for their endeavour.

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