PARENT WORKSHOP - Prepare your child to embrace the change

The workshop started with the introductory speech by HM ma’am Ms. Namrata Prasad. She appreciated the parents for taking out their precious time to attend the workshop. She said that it showed their concern towards their wards and suggested that both parents should be equally involved in the progress of their ward .She also requested the parent to make the best use of this workshop as they had 15 days before the start of the new session. She also requested the parents to teach their wards in summer break. Ms. Shafa  initiated the topic ’ Mental preparation in and after the school’  and explained to the parents about how children could be prepared emotionally and made comfortable in and after school without any fear and pressure for the new session. As the class Prep where children will be switching over to formal education and follow proper CBSE curriculum, she said it would be highly useful. This included the Block time table, start of CBSE curriculum, time management, responsibility of their belongings etc. The discussion also included tips for parents to incorporate similar approach at home for enhanced and holistic development of children. She also threw light on the topic ‘Importance of Listening and Comprehension”.

Listening is more than just hearing what is said, rather it is a child’s ability to understand the meaning of the words he/she hears and to relate to them in some way. When children hear a story, for instance, good listening enables them to understand it in their own words. This is one of the most important skills to develop at an early age because good listeners grow up to become good communicators This was followed by a session on ‘Emphasis on Reading and Writing skills’, which was taken up by Ms.Josy Joseph. It started with a role play on different types of parenting. The enactment was done by Ms.Ruchika and Ms. Shafa. She explained why we must work on our child’s reading skills from the early years of his learning? Reading opens the door to a world of adventure, culture, diversity and knowledge, and is an activity vital to the development of curiosity and a love of learning. Improving ones reading and writing skills goes hand in hand with developing good communication skills. Effective writing skills are important in all stages of life from early education to future employment. Most children have their own style of creativity. If the parents see that their child has the potential to develop good writing skills, it is better to help them develop these skills at an early age. Effective writing and reading skills are as important for effective communication as speaking and listening skills.

The above topics were also taken by Ms. Alpana Shome and Ms. Shruti Sahi in Audio Visual room 1 and Ms. Kirti and Ms. Mukta Mishra in Audio Visual room 2 respectively. The entire session was interactive and lively in all the three rooms and the facilitator tried their best to make the day fruitful for parents. A number of activities like ‘Weave a story’, ‘Fan a story’, ‘Role play’ etc. were demonstrated by the trainers. The workshop equipped the parents with knowledge and skills to act effectively and help their child to face the learning challenges.The session ended with vote of thanks by Ms. Shubhi Shekhar. She thanked the parents for listening attentively, interacting and being a part of the healthy and fruitful session. She also thanked the school management for taking the initiative to organize such session that ensures our continued partnership for the sound progress of our children. The participation of parents was overwhelming and their active involvement meant that they liked the initiative to make them part of their wards’ learning process.


Added on: 27 Mar 2018

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