“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

Jodo Gyan kit is one such tool that helps the students simplifies their logical thinking and problem solving abilities. Based on this notion, a three days Math curriculum cum review session was organized to equip the Math teachers in order to strengthen their mathematical skills and efficiency.

The resource persons for these three days session were ‘Dr Amrita Murlidharan and Ms Samiksha both from Jodo Gyan. The agenda for the first day was reserved for the class observations and assess how comfortably the children are able to use the kit or the challenges faced by them in doing so. On second day of the workshop, the Resource persons conducted a session for the teachers of classes Nursery - V to recapitulate the teaching of Mathematics in an activity based learning manner.

Dr. Amrita initiated the workshop by taking inputs from teachers about the problems they were facing while teaching mathematics to children. Later on a class wise discussion was conducted and specific observations were shared about the impact of the Jodo Gyan activities on the children. Counting activities were done in groups to know which aspect was more appropriate. Each team enthusiastically participated in this activity and came up with different sequencing and interpretations which was quite interesting. Two more activities using Rangometry and Tangram were conducted for other classes in which everyone participated with full zeal. With this we came to the end of the first day of our workshop. All the teachers keenly participated in the activities.

The third and the final day of the workshop focused on improving teacher training and engagement in continuation to the previous day. This was achieved through toolkits to enhance students’ understanding of mathematics, teacher preparation and teacher-student interaction. It was also discussed how the Ganit Mala should be placed in the classroom and at what height. The next major focus was on ‘why do we do word problems’ and when exactly it has to be introduced. Later the workshop progressed towards performing division through Jodo Gyan using different activities. The take away from this effective Teachers’ training workshop was to develop reasoning and logical thinking amongst the children and each of them should reach a certain level by applying a variety of strategies to solve problems with time as they all possess a wide range of understanding of mathematical concepts. Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Amrita Choudhary. The workshop helped in fostering development of essential mathematical skills.

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