Summer Teachers Training Programme

Summer Training Programme was organized for the teachers of Delhi Public School, Patna. The activities were well planned and the resource persons were informed beforehand.   On the first day, it started with music and yoga session followed by ICT training and RC surfing of teachers. After that Class Representatives’ meeting and followed by JWAP sessions and meetings of teachers with Head of Departments was conducted. This was followed by Principal’s meeting where he discussed various important issues and elaborated upon the SUPW activity to be conducted for the teachers. The second day started with walk followed by a harmonious music session. Then all the teachers from Nur- XII attended the language proficiency classes where teachers were taught about the format of application.

After the break all the teachers assembled in the seminar room to attend a module on the topic EDUCATION 4.0. An article from teacher plus was discussed and debated. It was an enlightening session for everyone. Co-curricular activities enrich the learning experiences and play a significant role in the total development of a person and connect them with the community in total. The last engagement of the day was SUPW, where teachers were involved in creating masterpieces encasing their talent. The most important asset in life is good health and it should be everyone’s aim to preserve it.  The Third day began with the physical fitness programme where yoga and walk were practiced by all in the morning.This was followed by the music session where and teachers sang melodious morning ragas along with teachers of the music department. Then teachers of Nursery to V headed for their ICT training to understand broader and comprehensive components related to computers where as the teachers of VI to XII were involved in RC surfing. Class representative’s meeting was taken up and the JWAP files were discussed among all the teachers of Nursery to three. Simultaneously the Department Heads discussed the forthcoming activities and lessons to be taken up after the summer break. It was then the time to break for tea. After the tea break all teachers assembled in the seminar room for the panel discussion on the topic The CCE Conundrum. An article from teacher plus was discussed and debated under this topic.

Finally the teachers proceeded to the plaza for the SUPW activities where in they enthusiastically participated in their work assigned by their incharges. On the fourth day of refreshing summer training session for teachers began at 6:30 am in the senior wing campus. Physical fitness and music session was refreshing and invigorating exercise which rejuvenated the mind and body of all the teachers. Simultaneously audit work was done by the department heads to update and see the compliance of correct procedure followed in school. Next in the agenda was an English proficiency class. Classes were held in two groups wherein the teachers were taught nuances of English Language. After that teachers proceeded towards the plaza for a visual and audio treat by the music and dance department. Many more teachers showcased their hidden latent and mesmerized the audience by their performance. The day’s events ended by sumptuous mouthwatering delicacies laid out which all relished with full fervour and thanked the management for the same. The fifth day commenced with the sports day that was organized for the MUSPL staff, where the teachers witnessed the various talents exhibited by the MUSPL staff through many sports events. Mr. P.S Raj, is a facilitator who takes extra effort to keep teachers updated to make them aware of new teaching methodologies which helps them guide the future generation in a better manner. His session for the day was on the topic The Art and Science of Getting What You Want. The Day concluded with the SUPW clubs which offered them an opportunity for self-expression and gave them a sense of accomplishment gained through mastery of a skill. The sixth day started beautifully with a nature walk as in every walk with nature one receives far more than one seeks. It was followed by the music session where teachers sang soulful renditions and the music teachers taught the nuances of classical music. Language should connect people rather than becoming a barrier therefore keeping this objective in mind yet another English proficiency class was taken up by the English Department teachers for their colleagues. On Day 6 too, teachers made beautiful art and craft and showed their talent. As it was the last working day before the summer break everybody left with a smile and promised to come back with a rejuvenated mind and body.


Added on: 14 May 2018

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