Wellness Workshop

To enlighten the teachers on the importance of parenting and child development as well as increasing awareness about the changes that occur in our body as we progress towards 35 years of age and above, a workshop was conducted the Junior wing campus. Dr. Rashmi Agrawal, a Pediatrician and Dr. Ms. Poonam, a Gynecologist by profession were the resource persons. The workshop started with a short role play on different type of parenting namely Authoritarian, Permissive, Neglectful and Authoritative. It laid importance on nurturing and communicating with children in the best possible manner so as to inculcate good values such as Honesty, Appreciation and Love for simple pleasure so as to lay a good foundation.

The workshop progressed with the discussion on the most important milestones in a women’s life encompassing various, physical, mental, behavioral, emotional and hormonal changes in different phases of menarche, puberty, child bearing phase, pre menopause and post menopause phase.

The workshop also reflected on the importance of maintaining good genital hygiene and awareness in decreasing the risk of developing cancers related to the female reproductive organs. As concerned individuals we should be prompt enough to take any problem seriously so as to maintain the best of health and take relevant advice from a specialist if necessary.

Finally, the workshop concluded with an open session wherein the female teachers came up with queries related to the topic. All the females face one or the other problem during their life however it is more challenging among professionals. The session proved fruitful in overcoming the hesitation in talking about problems concerned with females and their easy solutions.

“The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy ‘You’.

Added on: 19 Jan 2018

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