Prevention of Ozone Layer – Awareness Programme

"Ozone Layer is a naturally occurring gas that sits 20 to 40 km above the sea level. It protects life on earth from the destructive ultraviolet B radiation that the sun emits."

16th September is observed as the International Day for the Prevention of Ozone Layer and in that regard an awareness programme was held in the campus of Delhi Public School, Patna on 14th of the month on the theme “ Keep cool and carry on with the tagline- the Montreal Protocol. “

We, at Delhi Public School, Patna passionately believe that the students are the potential resources and the awareness needs to be spread among them for making a phenomenal difference.

It proved to be an unforgettable occasion for the students which began with Mr. Dinesh Thakur's lecture in the morning assembly. Addressing the students, Mr. Dinesh Thakur provided awareness about Ozone layer, CFCs, and helped students with improved environmental understanding while also moulding their attitude towards reducing the use of ozone depleting substances.

Next learning came up in the form of a thought provoking skit which comprised of the formation of Earth, covered by the ozone layer and the inclusion of ozone depleting substances enacted by the students of classes VII and VIII. Adding to it, were the two poems and one mellifluous song which gave a soothing effect amongst the children to seep in the learning.

Mr. Shivesh Prakash played a key role in untangling the importance of ozone layer through his play-way lecture. Students were amused to sense the kind of learning they are going to have with him, the moment he entered the platform with his self designed umbrella of ozone layer.

The entire programme was successfully co- ordinated by the Green School Team, Sharat Kumar and Minakshi in accordance with Ms. Priyanka Singh, the Activity in- charge.

"Such events inculcate ownership and responsibility towards earth amongst students", the Principal, Mr. B. Vinod said in his concluding speech, quoting his progressive ideas towards environment and appreciating the  efforts of students and teachers involved.

Added on: 16 Sep 2018

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