“All the world’s a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.” – Seán O’Casey

Theatre for children is a young, growing and exciting field in India. It is the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.

We at Delhi Public School, Patna were delighted to bring Junoon's Theatre Adventures directly to our from  10th to 14th February 2020, transforming the school experience of our students of classes III- VIII on these eventful days. Few government schools also witnessed the show on the second day.  Junoon's Theatre Adventures brings to students some of the very best of professional theatre shows, made especially with young audiences in mind.

Khilona is a theatre group that makes original musical plays for children and young audiences, often inviting their audiences to play along with them too. This group staged the sumptuous poem ‘The Golden Fish’ composed by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin in 1837, almost 200 years ago for children of III- V and ‘Shakuntalam: Agar Pura kar Paye toh’ for students of VI-VIII by ‘Red Rose entertainment’. The show began where a vivid and comic scene was enacted by the artists. The characters were showing different concepts of classical literature. The ideology of collaborative learning amalgamated with Indian culture was well presented to inform and entertain the students. The intention is to present relevant subjects and bring it to life through theatre. The entire play showcased was a highly entertaining performance and gave a display of the inherent talent and versatility of the actors. The students were enthralled with their scintillating performance. The children shared their experience after the play as they felt that these subjects are necessary as they are the reflection of society. Towards the end they had an interactive session with the students, where they can put their queries.

The Workshop also included a session on traditional dance form Kodiyattam for the students of class VI-VIII. The session had three artists. They performed the old dance form Kodiyattam and the two percussionist played the ancient instrument. Kodiyattam is a slow-moving form of theatre. The performance had different gestures which were shown and later explained. The students thoroughly enjoyed the session and felt that the gestures can sometime become the tool for expression.  They had a very enthusiastic session with the children where the young audiences had plenty of queries. They replied convincingly and encouraged the children that actually it is the secret to increase your stamina and keeps you fit. They added further that the sharpening of their potential of dancing took them so many years to reach the goal. They ended with the message that patience and perseverance makes you achieve your target. The workshop ended with a note of forthcoming cultural extravaganzas to explore.

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