Two parental workshops were conducted on the topic “how to encourage problem solving skills in children” & “Cyber Safety” by DPS, Patna in order to make parents aware of the various strategies to be  followed for achieving the goals of helping the child to resolve any circumstances in real life situations and help them guide their children in using social media sensibly. The programme started by the welcome speech delivered by our Headmistress madam Ms. Namrata Prasad who welcomed the parents and briefed them about the programme. She also shared the significance of the concerned topic and the role of teachers and parents in implementing its principles.

The first workshop started with an eloquent and engaging segment taken up by Ms. Raksha Sinha. She highlighted the fact that children should be able to handle their relationships especially friendship.The workshop was taken further by Ms. Shweta Dalvi, who in a compendious manner explained another important aspect of the problem solving skills that the child should not be of complaining nature which is the most important element of life skill. Children should learn to be caring and sharing and should not be status conscious at all. They should be able to accept each other as they are. Both these aspects were taken up in a detailed and comprehensive manner by Ms. Josy Joseph and Ms. Kirti lakshmi Kuer. Another point was put further by Ms. Shafaa Aqueel  about the skill of accepting failure.Ms. Vandana Singh took over the next segment and explained different ways of encouraging social skills in children from an early age. The workshop was taken further by Ms. Shweta Juneja who gave impetus on encouraging self help skills in children. Rejection of demands at times is required and its positive aspects were taken up by Ms. Aisha Alam.  The objective of the workshop was attained by enlightening the parents of the various steps of encouraging the problem solving skills by instilling the prerequisites in the children through which they can contribute in making them children ready for their journey ahead in their lives.

The distinguished Speaker  for the second workshop was Mrs. Keya Sen who is an expert Of Digital Marketing & Cyber Security. The Workshop commenced with the objective of ensuring parent as well as children to be Cyber smart.Mrs. Sen updated the parents with practical information and suggestions that are intended to empower parents to play a more active role in supporting their children online. The Resource Person also emphasized that in order to ensure that their children use the internet properly; parents should educate children to use technology responsibly, stay alert and get involved in online activities together with their children. She discussed some of the major concerns and offered possible strategies and solutions to overcome them and allow our children to operate in a safer online space. Topics discussed included cyber bullying, parental safety locks, social media sites, online gaming, net banking, Cyber etiquettes, internet "stranger danger", responsible usage and some general guidelines to follow in order for your children to stay safe online.

Added on: 30 Nov 2019

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