Like teachers for all subjects, science teachers are challenged by the harnessing of student focus. Science is meticulous, requiring a sense of focus and discipline. Teachers face enormous scientific challenges in the classrooms. Keeping these issues in mind Delhi Public School, Patna organized a seminar for science teachers where they were given an insight to build upon the abilities of adolescent learners, while at the same time tailoring instructions to address the unique challenges faced by this age group. The resource person, Dr. G.S Rautela, Ex-Director General of National Council of Science Museums, shared with the teachers’, methods for making the class sessions more effective and ways to encourage student participation.

Today’s students are visual learners and science experiments give them an opportunity to touch, feel and listen to what they’re learning. It also helps to break the monotony in the classroom. Since the goal of education is to impart knowledge to students, they gain knowledge and upgrade their skills by using new concepts they learn through hands on experiments. He even showed few hands on activities which can be used by teachers inside the classroom to explain scientific concepts like momentum, Newton’s laws of motion, Bernoulli’s principle, etc. His session was highly enriching for the teachers.

Added on: 07 Mar 2019

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