Major Dhyan Chand referred as ‘The Hockey Wizard’ was born on 29th August in 1905. To commemorate his birth anniversary 29th August is celebrated as ‘National Sports Day’. Dhyan Chand, the most prominent Hockey player of India, made our country reach heights during his tenure and was considered as golden era of Indian Hockey Team. It was held with great fanfare in our school too. All the classes were involved in different activities.

CLASS 1 National Sports Day was celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal. Interesting activities were lined up for the children. Children were briefed about Major Dhyan Chand and his accomplishments in the field of hockey. Everyone wore a badge for the same. An Activity sheet on Olympic rings and different sports was done. A fun filled game ‘String the beads’ was conducted in the playground by H & PE department. Another exciting event, aerobics, was conducted in the Infirmary plaza which saw full participation by all class 1 children and teachers. Class II Hockey has attained attention of all Indians being a national sport. Students were excited to celebrate National sports day at school. All the sections participated in different activities and decorated the foyer with their interesting write ups, posters and beautiful models on Hockey. Hockey is considered as national game of our country. Hockey is popular game, it is interesting and swift game unlike cricket. India won the first gold medal in Hockey in the Amsterdam Olympics in the year 1928. Since then, India has marked its victory stories with hockey.Class III Students of standard three also took part by enthusiastically marching, holding placards with slogans related to sports and various famous sports personalities and sports awards. Children were also dressed up as their favourite sports person, while marching they voiced various slogans too. Each one of us thoroughly enjoyed the activity. Class IV & V were involved in an amazing tug-of-war with the teachers on one side and the students on the other end. Amidst huge roar of cheers and adulation, the students emerged as the winners. Next, they had a fun-filled badminton match against the team of teachers. It was an act filled with exuberance and enthusiasm. It was a match worth watching as the atmosphere was fully charged.

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