Celesta 2018

Celesta is the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Patna. Every year Celesta is a host to a plethora o f events and competitions with active participation from the students of IIT, BIT and Schools across the nation. The fest started with the lighting of the lamp and followed by the motivational speech of Dr Akhilendra Singh, Dean (students’ affair) IIT, Patna and Mr Subrat Kumar, Faculty advisor Celesta 2018.  A group of thirty-five students from DPS Patna from the classes VI-XII participated in various events of Celesta e.g. Drone Tussle, Flight to future, Line follower, Robo race, Robo soccer and Robo wars. The challenges were diverse for different activities like for Line follower the challenge of the competition was to make a robot that can move on black lines on white background and reach the finish area as soon as possible. Robo race was the race through the hurdles in the fastest time possible and operated manually with a wired bot. Robo wars and Robo Soccer are the most popular events of IIT Patna and this event was to test the co-ordination between speed, power and strategy of the robot made manually.Drone Tussle was to design a quadcopter that will manoeuvre through hurdles to make one win.

Out of six activities students from DPS Patna participated in five activities in a group with great zeal and enthusiasm and were declared as the winner team with the first rank in Line follower, second in Robo wars and Robo soccer and lastly third in Robo race. There were three rounds for each competition and they also competed with the students of BIT and IIT Patna. Students were awarded with the certificates and cash prize for various events. We also attended guest lectures on Drone designing and Hackathon.

A highly diligent and dedicated team of IIT, Patna worked all around to maintain the colossal grandeur that Celesta owns.

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