Jashn - e - Bachpan: Prep, Class I Class-II

As the country celebrated Centenary of Champaran Satyagrah, Its’ the proud schools of DPS under Takshila banner who picked the emotion to heart and put children on motion to follow Gandhi’s mission and actually understand his time tested value system.

The day started with the play “SATYAGRAH” showcased by the little troopers of class II who were all out in their beautifully crafted regalia to enthrall the august audience. Students of Class Prep got the opportunity to portray the Principles of Gandhi in the next play “GANDHI KE SUTRA” while the final show “Mohan Se Mahatma Tak” on this eventful day was staged by the students of Class I.

All the plays staged were based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi which is a message for all of us. His true qualities of leadership made people follow him. Movements like non-cooperation, Satyagrah, opposing indigo farming, heavy taxes and salt law could be made successful by his effective and strong personality without using violence. His sayings are equally relevant even in the present scenario. Through various examples of his life, from childhood to growing old, each phase of his life presents evidences that he was truly an extraordinary personality.

The show started with narrators reciting powerful poem. As the loud and confident speakers explained how they rounded up whole year and all activities done by them made their learning process even more worthy and entertaining. Inaugural Classical dance was supreme and it was a feast to watch five different forms of dances in various couture together. The program continued to hypnotize the viewers and they gazed in awe how their small babies are turning into talented, wise and mindful youth of tomorrow. The enigmatic dance performances mesmerized them along with other spell-bounding performances. The melodious choir adorned the concert with their tuneful and pleasant songs, prepared by the talented Music Department. The dazzling costumes worn by the students and the enchanting enactment done by them actually opened a window that brings the hope of a new dawn that these little torchbearers are going to instill core values of our culture on which India thrives, that life of a great man like Gandhi is no more a pass but is still talked about .

Added on: 24 Feb 2018

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