Each day of the training began with the physical fitness session which was followed by the mesmerizing music session by the music department. The teachers from both the SW and JW were an integral part of it. After the refreshing music session,  the class Nursery -V teachers went for ICT training to brush-up their computing skills, while the teachers of classes VI-XII enhanced their knowledge during the RC surfing.

Simultaneously the JW teachers went for RC surfing and in the meantime SW teachers did their ICT training. There were departmental meetings where departmental issues and agendas where discussed. The discussions were initiated with SCM, Revision Assignments and QP submission. English proficiency classes were conducted for all teachers by the English department. A combined session by the Science Department focusing on the concept of ‘Open School System’ was also conducted. A brief idea of GST (goods and services tax) along with several aspects related to investment followed by detailed presentation on the concept of shares, stake holders, dividend(profit), corporate bond and secure debenture was taken by commerce dept.

The “Shabd-Shakti” , a lecture on the power of word was delivered collectively by the faculty of Hindi and Sanskrit department. Miss Anamika, Assistant Professor, Tata Institute of Social Science discussed about her research on the impact on the rural women whose men folk migrate to cities in search of jobs. To celebrate the World Music Day, a rising young artist from Patna Swapnil Raj, had been invited on the occasion. He left the audience spellbound with his mesmerising performance of Raag Desh, Mirzapuri Dhun, Bhojpuri folk tune and Bhajans on his Violin. . Each day ended with the exciting SUPW session. The teachers joined the group activity with zeal and enthusiasm. The teachers also listened to a classical rendition by Rishabh and Kishan Prakash. The ’Prakash Bandu’ cast a spell on the audience. To continue with the musical extravaganza, Md. Ehtesan, a class VIII student, played table. He was accompanied by Atif Raza on the harmonium and the duo complimented each other to perfection. Class representatives meetings were also taken up wherein, the in-charges discussed the upcoming co-curricular activities and addressed all the issues and doubts raised.

Subsequently, the teachers of classes Nursery to III went through the guidelines of the forth coming activities as provided in the JWAP files. Exam dept. also took a meeting on result analysis followed by the Principal’s address where he discussed various important issues and also asked teachers to gear up for upcoming activities.

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