Carnival Treat

Keeping  in  mind  the  significance of  celebration  in the  lives of  the children, Delhi  Public School  planned a very interesting  activity for students of Nursery and Preparatory, ”Carnival Treat “which  was  unique  in its  own  way. This activity was conducted on 25th October 2018 in school plaza.   The  ambience  was  beautifully  decorated  with  buntings, stars, pictures,  models, rangolis  and  the entire venue was embraced by torans  of  fresh marigold  flowers  which  also gave  the ambience a  traditional  and festive look. Children  of  Nursery  came  in  party dresses  and  their  class  teachers  also wore dresses  depicting  different  parties. Children  of  Preparatory  were  dressed up in   traditional  wear  along  with  their  class  teachers  who  were  also  dressed  up in outfits depicting different  religious  festivals. The  special  assembly  constituted  several  exciting  and  entertaining  performances  by  the  little children. The  teachers  left  no  stone  unturned  in  making  this  activity a  success and memorable  for  children. The  program  commenced  with  the  prayer  song “Praise  Him  and  showers  of  blessings”. The presentation started with the presentation put up by Nursery children and teachers who sang and danced on a birthday song and on a Christian wedding scene. This was followed by festival celebrations on which teachers and children of Preparatory danced on the traditional tunes of Ganesh Chaturthi and Deepawali. Students of class Prep  children  also presented  an  enactment  on  the  topic “Green Diwali” which  gave  a  message  to  celebrate  Eco friendly   Diwali.  The performance was appropriate and impactful. The performances were supported by the music department who helped in making the program livelier.

Indoor activities were also organized. Nurserians started the day with the discussion about festivals and parties during their circle time. Children also prepared decoration materials for the party like buntings, stars, paper balloons etc. followed by an activity sheet. Children   of Preparatory drew pictures related to favourite festival on creative writing sheet. One day prior they prepared invitation cards for carnival party and exchanged among themselves. An exciting outdoor activity “Chase the rabbit game” was organized for Preparatory where the children sat on the floor in a ring with their hands on each other’s shoulders.

After a fun filled day at school on 25th, Children of Nursery and Preparatory had a follow up activity where they drew party Scene and things used for party in their art journal.  They also watched informative videos related to festivals and parties.



Added on: 25 Oct 2018

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