A workshop on Critical Appreciation of Poetry was organised by the English Department of DPS Patna for the students of classes IX – XII in the Resource Centre AV room of Senior Wing. The resource person, Dr. Richa, Associate Professor, Patna Women’s College, started the session with an interaction with the students where few students recited self composed poems.

Then the resource person explained what poetry is. She beautifully elucidated that first a person observes a thing, then thinks about it and thinks beyond what is there and perceives it. When a human being can’t control one’s feelings - he expresses and that expression is poetry. She further added that poem is a copy of copy and that the function of poetry is to instruct and provide delight to its readers. A poetry is disciplining of words, it should be compact and one has to be selective with words while composing a poetry.

Thereafter students were asked to write two lines in the form of poem on the topic ‘Breakfast’ followed by a discussion on William Carlos Williams’ poem “That is Just to Say” where students came up with their interpretation of the poem. Along with this, she also recited two more poems- ‘My Mother at Sixty Six’ by Kamla Das and ‘Palash Ke Phool’ by Anuj Kundu with the appreciation of the poem and a discussion was initiated.

Moving to the last part of the session, Dr Richa explained that for writing critical appreciation of a poem ,a critical mind is needed and one should not block his/her thoughts with his/her perception and the attempt should always be to understand others’ perception. Thereafter she explicated that while writing the critical appreciation five things are very essential and they are summary, theme, image (eye - visual image, ears - auditory image, nose - olfactory image, tongue – gustatory image and skin – tactile image – all the images are associated with our five sense organs), diction and conclusion .She finally explained that writing a poem depends on the perception of the writer and while doing the critical appreciation one should actually focus on the poem and not the poet. The students as well as the teachers enjoyed the session with Dr. Richa. It was interactive and students learned and benefitted themselves and want to have more sessions of this kind in future too.



Added on: 28 Apr 2018

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