Class Presentation is such a platform where a child’s confidence is shaped and nurtured. It provides an opportunity to explore and enhance their talent and ability. Venue for the presentation was the multipurpose hall which was decorated with colorful creative craft work depicting the theme of the month -‘Flowers’. The activities done by tiny hands were put on a display for the parents. A Reggio corner along with project corner was also setup. Parents were welcomed by monitors and were served tea before they headed towards the venue. After a warm welcome, the students of Class II enlightened the guests on the annual theme ‘Noise Pollution’. They also threw light on previous annual themes ‘Khadi’ and ‘Gandhi’. Concept of thematic teaching and importance of project in classroom learning were told by them.

Prep.A – Children of class Prep. A did the opening of the program with a lovely welcome song .Highlight of their presentation was the demonstration, in which they showed how to make the secondary colors by mixing primary colors. Children were very confident and it was acknowledged by the parents also. They ended their program with a folk dance of Goa-“ Ya Ya maya ya….”

Prep.B – Children showcased an enactment of informal time in which evacuation drill for earth quake was also integrated. An interesting rhyme on noise pollution written by the class teacher was also included in their presentation .They concluded with a beautiful message of National Integration depicting Unity in Diversity with the song –“Mile sur mera tumhara…”

Prep.C – Children narrated the importance of reading with a lovely song. They also made the parents aware of the evacuation drill practiced in our school in each term. Do’s and don’ts during an earthquake , were shown by a dance .Finally they concluded with a song-“Chalo bachchon uthao basta…” promising to be good children always.

Prep. D - Children showed kitchen garden activity by planting a seed followed by a song on how a plant grows. Importance of dance in our lives and how it is incorporated in our syllabus was also told by the children. They ended their presentation on a patriotic note with a dream to make a new India, performing on the song “chhoro kal ki baatein…”

Prep. E – They sang a beautiful vowel song and also told how they learnt the use of ‘a’ and ‘an’ in their classroom. They also performed on an interesting vyanjan song. Their program came to an end with a Rajasthani folk dance in which girls enjoyed dancing in typical Rajasthani style.

Prep.F-Children showed an experiment under Reggio Activity with water, oil and liquid soap concluding the fact that oil always floats on water as it is lighter. They enacted one of the read program books-“Haathi ka bukhar” in an interesting manner. They concluded with a Bangla folk dance.

Prep. G –Children narrated one of the read program books in a nukkad natak style followed by a vowel song. At last they performed on a patriotic song ‘mera rang de basanti’ and ‘vande mataram’ with tiranga in their hands leaving everyone mesmerized.

Prep. H –Children sang the theme song of the month ‘sing a song of flowers‘ followed by vyanjan song .They also performed on a song related to precaution during earth quake .They concluded with an Assamese folk dance .Headmistress, Mrs. Namrata Prasad appreciated the students for their hard work and efforts and shared words of gratitude to parents after each program.

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