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EDUCATIONAL TRIP TO Vodafone Mobile Services Limited, Circle Head Office Patna’ -05.05.2017

On the 05th May 2017, the department of commerce had Educational Visit of Class XII students (Commerce Stream) to Vodafone Mobile Services Limited, Patna. The objective of the trip was “To Study the application of Principles of Management “by a structured questionnaire as well as to provide practical knowledge about corporate philosophy, culture etc. The plan of the trip begun with Company Representation (Vodafone) followed by Office Tour, Questionnaire filling and employees interaction with students and ended with refreshment to students.

The students left their school campus by 10.20 in the morning and reached the venue by 10.30 a.m. They were warmly welcomed by Mrs. Liza. Sinha. She is posted as the Government Account Manager in the office. She took the students to the conference room where they had an interactive session with her and her colleague. They talked about the management, basics of the daily running of the firm. They told about the importance of the subjects they are studying and how this will help them in future. They mainly focussed upon Management, Accounts and Economics and told that these are the most important subjects on which they should focus. They also discussed about the importance of discipline and dedication one has to show towards his professional work.

By 10.50 Mrs Liza Sinha introduced the Sales Manager of the Bihar Jharkhand region of the company Mr. Abhijit to the students. Mr. Abhijit started asking our interests and likings, and the advantage of preferring commerce over the other streams in the real life situations. He then explained the students with examples about the management system. He gave them a very familiar example about our home as the company and our mother as the manager. 

The management of the Vodafone is highly ‘de-centralized’ and falls under 1 out of the 23 circles in India for Vodafone with the head office located in Bombay. The top most employee is the CEO. Under him comes the CFO. He takes the finance decisions. Further comes the COO(Chief Operating Officer). They are the people who run the show. They mainly take care about the manufacturing, sales, marketing and promotions. Next comes the Board of Directors. Their function is to approve the major decisions of the company. They are the business heads and under them are the functional heads. Functional heads are of different types like technology head, sales head, cost and service head, human resource head etc.

He told that there are 2 types of expenditure in the company i.e. Capital expenditure and Operational expenditure. They are even tested on whatever work they do twice a year i.e. Midterm and annual. The official term for that is KPI (Key Performance Index). Mrs Liza Sinha mentioned that everything in Vodafone is decentralized and they have all the liberty to take action and hire employees under HR. Finally they concluded their lecture by telling students that there is a huge difference between the theory of commerce and its practical use and from an early age we should learn the practical concepts.

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