Every day starts with something new. Lots of researches and studies are carried out in subjects around the world. These updates on various fields cannot be included in the student curriculum. The students have to always keep their eyes on what new things are arriving day by day. Seminars are capable of keeping the students updated with the technologies. They provide latest information about the things which are happening in science and technology. Towards this endeavor, Delhi Public School, Patna organized a Science Seminar on 18th August 2018, for the students of Classes – IX to XII. 

Two eminent resource persons were invited to enrich the students as well as teachers with their presentations. Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh, an Advocate as well as Master trainer in Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, Govt. of Bihar and Jharkhand was the first speaker who elaborated on the topic “Health and Food Safety” of the children. He also discussed the food safety rules for school children and methods to follow a healthy lifestyle. He discussed about the repercussions of eating junk foods and emphasized the fact about non-communicable diseases (NCD) which has gripped the society more than the communicable diseases. He also urged students to give importance to home-made food – “Mindful eating is better than mindless eating” was the final takeaway of his presentation.

Second speaker, Associate professor of Indian Institute of Technology, Patna, Mr. Naveen Kumar Nishchal, discussed about “Basic Optics and Its Applications in real life”. He threw light upon various branches of Optics studied at Engineering and research levels. He even presented before the students, the nuances and fascinating beauty of optical phenomenon like interference, diffraction and polarization and their applications in real life. He showed beautiful constructive and destructive patterns formed due to interference and diffraction of light rays. He also showed the same white and dark fringe patterns which form in nature as well.

Students enjoyed these fascinating details with lot of enthusiasm and interest. Both presentations were quite enriching for the students and an eye opener for a correct lifestyle.


Added on: 18 Aug 2018

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