Little Stars

To celebrate the first step in school and to make them comfortable in the new environment, Delhi Public School planned a very interesting activity” Little Stars” which was unique, in its own way. This major co-curricular activity was specially drafted for the students of class Nursery, Preparatory and I to make the children feel special and to explore their talent.The activity Little Stars was conducted on  April 19, 2018. Children of Nursery to Class I dressed up in their party attire and they felt that they were in a fairy land.  Children went through series of activities ranging from crown making, superhero eye mask making and collage making.A combined assembly was conducted for the students of Nursery to class I in the assembly plaza. Students exhibited their talent which was colourful and information based. Nursery represented the fairy tale characters and spoke few lines about the same.

Preparatory showcased their talent by singing melodious fairy tale song and class I focused on individual talents. All the classes enjoyed the activities lined up for them on this special day.  An excellent indoor game “I am special” was organized where the children got comfortable with each other by sharing something special about them. Another creative activity was Crown Making where the children were provided with the cut outs of the crown and they decorated it with various items and later the children carried it with them. One of the activity was ‘We are Together’ where the children were given the cut outs of dresses of boys and girls and they had adorned the cut outs which were pasted on the board. After the fun filled day on 19th April the follow up activity was taken up where the children were given the colouring sheets to colour later they pasted the same in their scrap file.

For Class Preparatory, an exciting Indoor Activity Treasure Hunt was planned where certain things were hidden in the big box and children were given the challenge to find out the maximum number of hidden treasures. Another innovative activity was Superhero Eye Mask making where the children were provided with cut outs of eye masks which they decorated with sequins and stars. After an amazing day at school on April 19, Class I had a follow up activity extempore, where children spoke on the topic I am special because.......... They were given motivators for the same. They also watched a related video in the AV room. “Little Stars” was organized so that the children could feel that they are all exceptional and unique in terms of capability and talent. They should believe in themselves, dare to dream and make an attempt to fly high and achieve them.

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