COME UP! – A Workshop on Theatre

The school hosted a workshop on theatre on 16th August 2018 during 10.45am to 12.45 pm, in Music Studio 2. The members of the Wing’s Cultural Society, Delhi, had come to enlighten the student with tips on how to improve their personalities on stage as well as off stage. It was a workshop hosted by refined artists like Mr. Tarique Hameed. Mr. Pradeep Bajpai. Mr. Ayush Sharma. Mr. Abu Yusuf, Mr. Vivan Samrath , Ms. Rachna More and Ms. Afreen Waseem.  It was attended by students of the SUPW Theatre club. It began with a simple introduction session where a student got a chance to become familiar with the experts and understand the purpose of the seminar.  Then followed a series of interesting games and activities .The kids played multiple concentration and reflex action games hosted by Mr. Sharma, Mr. Hameed and Ms. Afreen.

The purpose of these games was not to find a winner but to make the students more alert, energetic and active. This helped them to hone their mental and physical coordination. These games were followed by a Sargam session hosted by Ms. More. The kids were told to meditate and chant the sargams as to improve their vocal power because only a strong voice can be the voice that is remembered by the people after a drama. The kids were taught the value of the vocal power. Mr. Vajpai also hosted a session where the kids played a game of statutes so that they can overcome the habit of fidgeting and moving. Fidgeting is a sign of lack of confidence as said by Mr. Vajpai and therefore such activities can remove this habit and enhance a child's personality. In the end Mr. Yusuf hosted a session on expressions and actions in which a few students were selected and told to enact various situations and thus improve their drama abilities. Apart from this the kids were also taught the some very important life lessons by Mr. Hameed. He discussed a few common topics such as cheating, failure and how our actions affect our life and also how an empty stage in drama and an empty space in life can be filled with better things. Mr. Vajpai quoted that a play is a coming together of many actors and a background artist contributes as equally as a lead actor. 

Mr. Sharan discussed that gender doesn't play a part when it comes to theatre, each one is as capable as the next. The peak of the activities was when the House was divided into four groups, who had to compete responding to a physical touch, without an oral communication or a facial expression.  The session ended on a happy note where the kids shared the experience with the experts and learnt loads of new things.  The participants were suggested to communicate their opinion about the workshop held, to the concerned Club-teachers, - who in turn would consolidate the observations and send across to the WCS for its reflection.

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