Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue. And to fulfil this virtue for music SPIC MACAY, the movement aiming to educate and inspire the youth about Indian heritage, culture and music, gracefully organized a performance of the great Hindustani classical vocal artist, Shri Dhananjay Hegde at the premises of Delhi Public School, Patna on 5th of February, 2018.

Shri Dhananjay Hegde, a young vocalist, started his journey in the field of music at the age of four and has been inspiring and mesmerizing ever since. Realizing his talents at a very young age, he got his first formal music lessons from Smt. Geeta Hegde, his mother and Shri G.S Hegde, his father, a table player himself. He later got an intense taleem by Pandit Vinayak Torvi for the next 14 years. Even though he works as a branch manager, he still visited our school for his passion for music.The programme started at 9:00 a.m. with Classes VI to VIII as audience. Shri Dhananjay Hegde started off his performance with Raag Vibhas, an early morning Raag comprising of five note Sa Re Ga Pa Dha Sa where Re and Dha are Komal. He was joined on table by Shri Rakesh Ranjan from Bokaro and was trained by the Late Pt. Shankar Ghosh and on harmonium by Shri Sudhir Kumar a renowned artist from Patna. This was followed by a piece of “Nar Hari Narayana” in Vilambit Ektaal and then by “Praat bhayo” in teental drut. It concluded at 10:00 AM with a bhajan by Meera Bai. Headed for the closing stages, Principal Mr. B. Vinod vowed a vote of thanks to Shri Dhananjay Hegde for his mesmerizing performance and to Mr. Vivek Sinha from Spic Macay for making this possible.


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